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"I scheduled appointment. He was there and ready when I got there.
I ordered a barrel pre-threaded. It came as if it was fitting a standard rem 700 bolt. I needed to add some clearance at the bolt nose counter bore in the barrel to fit a extractor upgrade on a rem 700 bolt ( M16). With that being a critical cut. I called the barrel manufacturer before hand to get a measurement. He cut a little at a time to be sure he didn't go too much. It fit and functioned perfectly without having to open it up as far as they suggested. I felt that he took my project as serious as i do. His price was amazing !
Will certainly find him on the next project. Thanks Brant

"I took an old high standard revolver to Brant, that one spring was giving me grief, and Brant and I were able to get it back together in less than an hr, not sure this is normal operations for him, but nonetheless he is a top notch smith, would definitely do business again!!"

"Brant was very helpful and cleared the issue quickly. Next time I need a gunsmith’s help he’ll be the first person I call."

"Brant was awesome. I put myself in quite a pickle by taking apart the trigger mechanism on my CVA optima 2 to clean some crud out. I took one pin out and the regret set in. The only way to get it put back together is a special jig at CVA and I was getting ready for the muzzleloader hunt in 10 days...the turnaround time at CVA is three weeks, yikes! Somehow Brant stuck with it and after about six hours he had it back together ready for me to pick up in plenty of time for the hunt. Again awesome. Oh, he also was very reasonable with his charge...Thanks again, Brant!"
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