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Concealed Carry Permit Class

One of the most popular things that I do is concealed fire arms classes. I am glad to see this enthusiasm because I view the concealed firearm permit as a big step in reclaiming second amendment rights, which have been given up by previous generations. Whether this was because of apathy or fear of over zealous law enforcement officers, it matters little. The majority of the public are comfortable with the law, as it now stands. This allows those who demonstrate competence and respect for the law of the land, to exercise the right to carry concealed weapons for protection of themselves and others.

In the class we discuss, in depth, the rules and attitudes of safe gun handling to gain a better understanding. We cover the safe operation of hand guns and the properties and function of ammunition. We discuss and develop an understanding of the laws governing firearms and the use of deadly force. Then students are required to demonstrate that they can load, unload, and fire a hand gun safely.

The class is four hours in length. The class will be limited to 14 students on a first come first served basis. The cost is $50 per student.


 My hope would be that a vast majority of gun owners would get their concealed firearms permit. This would help assure that it will never be taken away by our political leaders.

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