Fighting Carbine/Rifle Training

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to obtain high quality training and practice. Usually held at the PMAA (Hendrickson) Range in Parleys Canyon (I80), Exit 134 (UT-65 N to East Canyon) (map), Utah.

You know how to shoot your carbine rifle. Now let us teach you how to FIGHT with your rifle! This hybrid course is the result of taking the best and most effective combat rifle training and bringing it to you in one power packed, fun day! In 8 hours we will give you a streamlined session on how to better your defensive skills with your AR or AK semi-automatic rifle. There is no wasted class room time, just active, productive movement aimed at helping you become a better self defensive shooter.

Some typical skills presented will be use of cover, practical firing position, weapons handling, team work, multiple targets, shooting on the move, fun competition and much more! Special tactics will be taught to employ your rifle so you can stay in the fight and survive! We are winners!

The class will be held at the PMAA (Hendrickson) Range (map), Utah. The class will be limited to 14 students on a first come first served basis. Cost: $150. Men and women are invited. This is an exciting training event where safety and action is the focus so please bring 400 rounds of ammo per person. Upon registering you will be sent a required gear list. If you bring friends call today for a group discount.

Call Brant Taylor at (801) 981-1932 or email me at to register and for more information.

Brant Taylor

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