Trauma First Aid

Dear Friends,

In our quest to bring our friends excellent training we are now pleased to offer this Trauma First Aid class as an initial course, or a refresher for those who have had some training but have not practiced their skills in some time.

We will receive training and practice in the proper use of tools and techniques to treat trauma wounds, that will keep blood in bodies, and help keep people alive to receive advanced medical treatment. Training will include, tourniquets, wound packing, pressure bandages, chest seals, airways, and practical application. We will also get source information on where to get other first aid gear you may want or need. This will be a hands on, interactive class.

Our instructor, Mike Zollenger, is a retired Army Combat Medic at the rank of Master Sergeant and 33 years of service. Mike also has credentials as an EMT, Practical Nurse, and Taught and managed training of Combat Medics enlisted in the Army, National Guard, ROTC,and Army Reserve.

Included with the class will be a personal trauma first aid kit designed for everyday carry.

I promise to make this a fun and valuable experience for those who attend. Call (801) 981-1932 or email me at for more information.

Brant Taylor

Instructor info:
Roger T Johnson
1st born Deven M. Johnson
2nd 2 none Taylor S. Johnson

Proud co-owner of
Prospector Property Management since 05/2018

Retired United States Army October 2016
Rank [SFC] Sergeant 1st Class
Battalion Plans
Battalion Operations
Combat Medical Instructor
Observer Controller [OC]
Close Quarter Combat Instructor [CQC]

2nd Degree Black Belt
Tae Kwon Do
2nd Degree Black Belt
Arnis De Mano E-Ditso
Awarded Black Belt
Tang Soo Do, Bahk Do, Moo Duk Kwan

University of Phoenix
AA Accounting
Camp Williams Utah
CERT. Battle Staff Course
Academy of Health and Science Fort Sam Houston
CERT. Medical Specialists Course

Did a lot of good things and trained many Soldier in service for are country. Figure why stop now. The only thing that changed is the uniform I wear when I get up.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Roger T. Johnson
SFC Army BN S3

Trauma First Aid Class
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